My Shorts #2: The 'Sleeper Bus' to Ha Giang

New experiences are good, right? 

So my Vietnamese buddy and I planned a trip to Ha Giang: a region in Northern Vietnam with rice fields, mountains and valleys, that is supposed to be especially beautiful this time of year.

To get there, we decided to take a bus from Ha Long. It's roughly a 10-hour trip, and we left in the evening, so we're on a sleeper bus (yes, I'm writing this post while on said sleeper bus).

Allow me to paint you a little picture.

So imagine you're having a forced sleepover with a bunch of people you don't know who are all smaller than you, and you have to share the same bed (and one of them snores like a Mack truck).

There's no real concept of personal space, so it's more like an organized game of sardines where each contestant pays 320,000 VND just to play (around $20 CAD), and the 'bed' you're sharing really isn't a bed but rather 5 'pleather' seats that are permanently reclined at a 45*, jammed together.

With me so far?

Now imagine that those 5 seats are not actually on a normal bus, but instead they are actually strapped to a rickety, wooden roller coaster controlled by a carney with a taste for adventure. The track your riding on swerves left and right and your speed fluctuates drastically from break-neck, to slow-rolling, with a few unexplained dead-stops thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and did I mention...the pee breaks consist of 2 rushed stops on the side of the road where everybody heads for the trees in cover of darkness.

Sound like a good time?

Here's to new experiences...and sleep deprivation 🤦‍♂️